Play Areas

Greatford Garden Services are specialists in creating safe and imaginative childrens play areas. As well as implementing brand new creative play equipment, we also ensure that security and safety are high on the agenda – we can install controlled access gates, steel fencing and safety surfacing. We can turn a derelict area into a fully functional safe recreation area or simply improve and enhance an existing playground within parkland or housing estates, even incorporating soft landscaping around the park and housing estate.


Barnsbury Housing - Childrens Play Area

The specification for this job was to create a brand new, safe play area.

The play equipment shown was installed with colourful safety surfacing comprising a large turtle image.

The surrounding area is completed with gravel.


Childrens Play Area - Camden Council

The specification for this job was to create a brand new play area and improve the overall security of the estate.

Greatford Garden Services carried out the essential groundworks followed by the installation of safety surfacing. The play equipment was installed along with some log work, all enclosed in a courtyard.

Steel fencing and controlled access gates were also installed to secure the entire estate area.


Chalk Farm - Childrens Play Area


Greatford Garden Services were hired to complete a new childrens play area

The car park was re-vamped and the roadway replaced with block paving, seating was also installed in the same area.


Derelict Site to Kickabout Area


This was a complete build and installation of goal units for a kickabout area.

A tarmac area was constructed and a steel ball fence erected, this was all surrounded by soft landscaping and a brick wall with railings mounted above.

Seating and a meeting shelter were provided but all work completed was done after the site had been completely cleared.


Childrens Play Area - Brecknock Estate


We were brought in to the Brecknock Estate to provide a new play area.

This was accomplished by laying new safety surfacing, brand new play equipment and then completing the job with extensive soft landscaping around the estate.